AKtoFL: The Igloo Lodge in Alaska (31 May 2011)

The Igloo Lodge & Gas Station
Matanuska-Susitna Borough, Alaska (31 May 2011).
Day 01 of the 2011 Roadtrip from Alaska to Florida (Mile 0190 of 7221).

As you trudge north along the Parks Highway from Wasilla to Fairbanks, you’ll eventually pass a funky little building on your right. This is the “Igloo Lodge,” the defunct dream of one Leon Smith, an intrepid developer who spent a significant portion of the latter 20th century gradually building his would-be destination vacation hot-spot just south of Denali. Smith eventually retired his mission in 1996 and, sadly, passed away three years later; the lodge was never completed. Since then, the Igloo Lodge has languished through Alaska’s seasonal turns, biding its time in whatever time it has left on this planet. It would be safe to wager a bet that this is the most-photographed igloo-lodge in Alaska. 

Read more about Leon Smith’s dream and the legacy of the Igloo at Vice.

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