AKtoFL: Larus canus in Alaska (31 May 2011)

Larus canus, the Mew gull (presumably)
Denali Borough, Alaska (31 May 2011).
Day 01 of the 2011 Roadtrip from Alaska to Florida (Mile 0253 of 7221).
Learn more about this species at iNaturalist.org.

From what I saw (and from what was able to identify with a semblance of reliability at least), the Mew gull was the most common gull puckering about southcentral Alaska and the Anchorage region. I was, at first, a bit surprised to find one poking around a parking lot in Denali National Park — fairly far from the coastline. Gulls are like that, of course. They’re not tethered to the coastlines, and Mew gulls are known to head quite far into the Alaskan interior during the warmer, summer months. 

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