Salt Marsh Bandeds, Part III (09 May 2020)

Part III:
The Fourth Salt Marsh Banded

Part III brings us to Nerodia Number Four. Yes, I skipped one. There was actually a third salt marsh banded watersnake before this one, but I failed to get a picture entirely. I also failed to get my hands on it. Again. Thank heavens I quickly came across this one, my fourth for the day. 

All four of these salt marsh Nerodia were positioned as seen here (and previously) — all on salt marsh stands of muck and salt-tolerant plants and, interestingly, all on the east side of their respective islands. All four Nerodia were also in relative proximity to one another (within 100-150 yards or so from north to south), and I was only able to find them on the eastern edges of these stands, which were essentially salt marsh islands. Parts of the Tomoka Basin are dominated by such salt marsh stands, each surrounded by channels and tidal creeks. Of note, there were also nearby islands of a more terrestrial nature — fairly dry, almost xeric, islands dominated by palms and the like. I found no Nerodia on or at the edge of the more-terrestrial islands. They were only on the low salt marsh stands, and on the east side. Perhaps this was a time of day thing? Facing the early day sun? 

Soon enough, the question became… Can I actually get my hands on this one? 


Nerodia fasciata pictiventris, the Florida banded watersnake;
Volusia county, Florida (09 May 2020).
Learn more about this species at

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