Salt Marsh Bandeds, Part VII (09 May 2020)

Part VII:
Ventral Head Pattern

A ventral reference shot of the banded’s head/lower jaw. Again, this is fairly typical for Nerodia fasciata, though that base cream/yellow tone was really striking. There’s a smidge of alignment in the picti patterns behind the jawline, but the pattern was not consistent or long enough to be strongly indicative of Nerodia clarkii. That being said, I totally assume that this specimen is the descendent of such intergradation or hybridization (depending on how closely related you consider N. clarkii and N. fasciata to be, but that’s something we’ll get to later in this series).


Nerodia fasciata pictiventris, the Florida banded watersnake;
Volusia county, Florida (09 May 2020).
Learn more about this species at

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