Ophisaurus ventralis, 09 May 2020

Ophisaurus ventralis, the Eastern glass lizard;
Volusia county, Florida (09 May 2020).

I’ve got one more here to post from the salt marsh kayak trip on May 9th, 2020: a glass lizard! I think this is an Eastern glass lizard, though at first I was hopeful it was an Island glass lizard (a species I have yet to photograph). On reference to these photos, however, I think this was probably an Eastern glass lizard sulking along the edge of the salt marsh. If you followed the Nerodia salt marsh series from earlier this week, this glass lizard was found in the same area (and in the same positioning) as all four of those Nerodia. I was certainly surprised to come across this young lizard! 

Learn more about this species at iNaturalist.org.

Ophisaurus ventralis, 09 May 2020

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