Agkistrodon conanti, 24 May 2020 (with Video)

Agkistrodon conanti, the Florida cottonmouth;
Volusia county, Florida (24 May 2020).

Kayaking about the St. Johns River on the Volusia/Lake county line, I was privileged to share the water for about fifteen minutes with a Florida cottonmouth. The snake had, for some reason or another, decided to trek across the mouth of a lake connecting to the St. Johns. I paddled along and around the cottonmouth for awhile. Eventually, however, I got a little too close, and the cottonmouth decided it wanted to climb aboard the front of the kayak for a rest. A few harmless splashes with the paddle persuaded the cottonmouth otherwise, and we each parted our respective ways. Yet another encounter with an unnecessarily-feared and much-maligned venomous specie. 

Learn more about this species at

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