Plestiodon inexpectatus, 27 July 2020

Plestiodon inexpectatus, the Southeastern five-lined skink;
Volusia county, Florida (27 July 2020).
Learn more about this species at

2 Comments on “Plestiodon inexpectatus, 27 July 2020

  1. This is a wonderful site. Thank you. I have heard conflicting info about the skink toxicity to cats by ingestion. Do you have any info on this.? .


    • Hey, Corrine! Generally speaking, there’s not much data/backing to support the popular opinion that our skinks (primarily Plestiodon skinks) are acutely toxic to cats or dogs. A cat (or dog) could perhaps get sick from ingesting a skink, but it would likely be more related to parasites or micro-organisms living within the skink — not necessarily by the skink itself. Over in FrogLand, however, our non-native Cuban tree frogs can secrete a rather nasty, stinging mucus if it gets in the eyes and the non-native Marine toad (not quite to Volusia County yet) can also be a problem for pets… As for our native skinks, I’m not sure where that popular opinion comes from, but I’ve never seen any actual data to back it up! Cheers!


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