Turpilia rostrata, 28 May 2015

Turpilia rostrata, the Narrow-beaked katydid (female);
Volusia county, Florida (28 May 2015).
Learn more about this species at iNaturalist.org.

2 Comments on “Turpilia rostrata, 28 May 2015

  1. I love your website and hate to see it go. Thank you for it. But, any chance you will allow someone to continue to operate your good work?


    • Hey, VJ. Thanks for the kindly words. On my end, two things crept in: busyness with work/life (and this site ate up heaps of time) and money (it also cost a bit to maintain domain, CSS control, and media storage). Trying to downshift myself in terms of time and money. Heh. And because this was a personal blog/site with my own photos, it’s not viable for somebody else to take over. I’ll leave it be for now and see to what extent the site is still operational once my WordPress subscriptions completely expire. Cheers!


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