Florida Amphibians

This page was last updated on
Friday 10 July 2020

This page serve as a photographic index of all Florida-related amphibian species currently published to Floridensis. As new material is added to the website, this page will update accordingly. All amphibian species are organized by their respective taxonomic groups/clades. You’ll find a small selection of images representing each species; to view all images for a particular species, click the “View all” link that accompanies each species.

The Amphiumas

Amphiuma means

The Two-toed Amphiuma

The Lungless Salamanders

Eurycea quadridigitata

The Coastal Plain Dwarf Salamander

The True Toads

Anaxyrus quercicus

The Oak Toad

Anaxyrus terrestris

The Southern Toad

The Narrowmouth Toads

Gastrophryne carolinensis

The Eastern Narrow-mouthed Toad

The American Spadefoot Toads

Scaphiopus holbrookii

The Eastern Spadefoot

The Rain Frogs

Eleutherodactylus planirostris

The Greenhouse Frog

The Tree Frogs & Allies

Acris gryllus

The Southern Cricket Frog

Hyla chrysoscelis

The Cope’s Gray Tree Frog

Hyla cinerea

The American Green Tree Frog

Hyla femoralis

The Pine Woods Tree Frog

Hyla gratiosa

The Barking Frog

Hyla gratiosa, 22 April 2016
Hyla gratiosa, the Barking treefrog; Volusia county, Florida (22 April 2016).

Hyla squirella

The Squirrel Frog

Osteopilus septentrionalis

The Cuban Tree Frog

Pseudacris crucifer

The Spring Peeper

The Typical Frogs

Lithobates catesbeianus

The American Bullfrog

Lithobates clamitans

The Green Frog / The Bronze Frog

Lithobates grylio

The Pig Frog

Lithobates heckscheri

The River Frog


Lithobates sphenocephalus

The Southern Leopard Frog








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